Alabama Foundation (501 c3)

Alabama Foundation (501 c3)

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The Alabama Tennis Patrons Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  It is governed by a volunteer board of trustees and assisted by volunteers, all of whom support and promote the growth of tennis in Alabama.

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Because the future of the sport of tennis relies upon the development of junior players who compete in the USTA tournament structure, the foundation offers financial assistance and encourages Alabama athletes to compete in the USTA junior competitive system.

The foundation’s Junior Player Financial Assistance Policy incorporates the following requirements and features.

  • 1 Who Qualifies

    Alabama residents who participate in the junior competitive tournament structure and who compete in the 18, 16, 14, 12 and Under age divisions.  Players must agree to participate in Alabama and Southern team events and Alabama qualifier events.

    Financial assistance is limited to junior players whose family income does not exceed $150,000 per year.  We request you send page 1 of your family’s most recent federal income tax return, form 1040 or 1040A.  We will not share or save the tax return.

  • 2 What is the funding

    Funding is limited to up to $750 per allocation and reviewed on a case by case basis.  Consideration will be made for additional funding based on the number of children in the family playing tennis, the income of the family, the number of children in college and the number of tournaments entered due to ranking and the success of those tournaments.  Acceptable costs include fuel, hotel and meals costs, and tournament entry fees.

    Applicant is required to submit documentation of the cumulative expense in one report.

  • 3 When to Apply

    The foundation accepts applications throughout the year.

  • 4 How to Apply

    Submit the application by mailing all information

    USTA Alabama, ATTN:  Jerrie Burns

    1108 Herrington Street, Hoover, AL 35242.

    Documentation should include receipts, invoices, and proof of payments along with a written explanation of the expense item and its relation to a junior tournament.

The foundation expects its awardees to demonstrate high standards of sportsmanship and competitiveness, give back to the sport and his/her community.

Any player who:  accumulates four or more penalty suspension points during a calendar year: is suspended during the calendar year; or whose parent/guardian is suspended during the calendar year will become ineligible for financial assistance.