Don’t miss the opportunity to honor your favorite Alabama Teaching Professional!

Not only may you honor a beloved Teaching Pro by donating to the endowment for this scholarship, but the scholarship recipient will be an Alabama high school graduate.

A minimum of $30,000 is required to fund the endowment. This is the first official announcement and donations have already exceeded $5000.  Please go to these links: Scholarship Honoring Alabama Tennis Professionals and Scholarship Donation Form for detailed information.  Feel free to print these documents and share with your CTA, Club, or Park and Recreation Department.  Consider a “point person” in your area to contact donors for a particular Professional you would like to see honored.

A Pro who generates a minimum of $1000 in donations will have their name on the scholarship once the endowment is fully funded.  This will be an ongoing process until $30,000 is reached but donations are open-ended and will continue to be accepted. All donations are welcome and each Pro will be notified when a donation has been made in their honor and by whom with no amounts mentioned.

Donation page:  Donate to Alabama Tennis Professionals Scholarship Fund

To see scholarships that have already been established:

For more information contact the Alabama Fundraising Task Force with questions.  Eleanora Mauritson,